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NaNoWrimo 2019

I decided to take part in NanowriMo this year and made a good start for the first day. I really found that joining up with my Local area group and participating in sprints helped. 3 sprints and I had written my days target!

Here’s a summary of my story:

newtemplate_1_original-2A near-future dystopia:

Elona lives in a world where ground water is either contaminated or controlled by the government or violent cartels.

When she finds four year old Tehro huddled by the corpse of his mother, Elona is tempted to leave him to the wild dogs. Struggling to survive on the pitiful water allowance and what little she can create for herself by distillation, the last thing Elona needs is another mouth to feed and water.

When Tehro refuses to be abandoned, Elona is burdened with eking out an existence for them both.




3252 / 50000 words. 7% done!

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